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Physical Hazards

Look before You Serve

Physical Hazards

Look before you serve

There have been several recalls in foods purchased from grocery stores for physical hazards in the food. These included staples, pieces of conveyor belt, small slices of plastic packaging, and small rocks.† The recalls serve as a reminder to look at the food you are serving to be sure there arenít any physical hazards.†† Some things come from the kitchen, including the plastic tab that holds loaves of bread closed, a piece of the packaging for hot dogs,† or an artificial fingernail.† Other† possibilities include pieces of pan scratchers, metal shavings from a can opener, or staples from produce cases.



†Do you or your staff wear jewelry?† The Federal Food Code states no jewelry on hands or arms.† Wearing jewelry seems to start with just one piece on one person, and then before you know it, the whole staff is wearing jewelry.† Take a look - you donít want a dangle from an earring, etc. served in your food.†

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