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Jun 30, 2022
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Foodservice Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Specializing in Foodservice and Healthcare

Have a problem at work that keeps coming up --- and you canít seem to solve it no matter what you try?

Is your staff tired of the same old inservice programs?

Do you need an "inspector" to evaluate your quality assurance programs?

Are your recipes suited to your kitchen with practical HACCP directions?

Do your policies and procedures need updating?

Does a new supervisor need educating and mentoring to become effective --

 or did you get a new responsibility you're not quite ready for?

 What are you going to do as the minimum wage is increased?

You could do that new assigned task --- but you just don't have the time.

Do you just need someone to explain your work problems to without getting in trouble with your boss or employees or customers/patients/residents?

Help is available. After many years of consulting, I have lots of tools and ideas that you can use or adapt to help you solve your work problems.

 You can contract for just the tasks and hours you need.

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Office Closed
Your Learning Basket office has closed.† ††

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