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Class Act x
Dam of MSD Pete x
GK PR 48 x
K-Kim Revamp *x daughter
Ruby 732
May 2013
The Ruby Group


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The Ruby Group

The Ruby Group


Village Ruby was bred in the Bernard C. Bertschi herd at Quamba, Minnesota and eventually was purchased by Homedale Farms, Saint  Charles, Minn


                At Homedale, she produced 2 sons and 4 daughters, the first of which was Homedale Ruby P1 by Pride of Homedale (Mandalong Super Flag x Kinnaber Leader 9th) The P1 cow produced 6 registered sons including Homedale Patent and Homedale Blizzard. She also produced 5 registered daughters, the first one being Homedale Ruby D4 x by IDS Duke of Dublin.


                The D4 cow produced 6 registered sons including Homedale Tandem, Endorsement, Flash, Equity and Red Chief. She produced 6 registered daughters including Homedale Aussie Ruby, Irish Ruby and Ruby DI, a full sister to Homedale Endorsement and Flash sired by AF Dividend's Impact.


                Ruby DI has produced 6 daughters. The first daughter was Homedale To The Max, by UB Mad Max and she is the dam of the Homedale Max Rosa branch. Her third daughter Ruby C 9912 is the grand dam of the lead off and top selling heifers in the 2006 and 2007 Genetics On Line sales. Ruby DI's  6th  daughter is Ruby J 1111 x by Shadybrook Jack dropped in 2002.


                Ruby J111 has produced 3 daughters in a row, the first of them being Ruby 3341 C x by GFS Creole 9590 *x. Ruby 3341 C was purchased as a bred heifer and is currently producing in the Mike and Sandy Dunphy herd. Ruby 3341 C's first two daughters are sired by MSD Pete x a son of Dunbeacon Venture x and out of YF Homedale Class Act x. Class Act  was a full brother – full sister mating, the sire being by Homedale Endorsement and Homedale Classy and the dam being by Homedale Flash and Homedale Classy, thus making Pete double bred to Ruby D4. The MSD Ruby P 732 x and 832 x heifers are triple bred to the Ruby D4 cow.


Ruby 3341 C x is a daughter of  GFS Creole 9590 ET *x, the Senior Bull Calf Champion at Denver in 1997, and is still being used via AI in several herds today.  The dam of Creole is a half brother – half sister mating, both sire and dam being out of Elbee Mary Margo 3rd x., who produced 10 consecutive registered calves with all 5 daughters retained and 4 herd sires used in the Blue Gate herd in Kansas. If you do a pedigree search on the ASA website for her and click a few daughters and their daughters etc., you will find hundreds of registered sires and females that directly trace to her and a good number of them that have Mary Margo 3rd in the pedigree three and four times.


We'll keep you posted on the Dunphy branch of The Ruby Group



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Herd Sires
MSD Pete x
July 2007
Woodside Revolution
2012 West Virginia Grand
Champion Bull
MSD Ruby C 3732 x Front
May 2013
MSD Ruby P 732 x - 1 Mo
MSD Pete daughter