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MSD Ruby P 732 x
Ruby 732
May 2013
Ruby C 3341 x
Bred Heifer Photo
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MSD Pete x

Above is a candid summer 2007 photo of MSD Pete x by Dunbeacon Venture x, slick haired as a three year old. He has no grain since he was a yearling and stays in great condition on grass and hay and a lick tub. We have a very small herd, so he doesn't have many to breed, but not too sure he couldn't breed several and still stay in good condition on forage.


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Herd Sires
EDJ Spear 848 x
Current Herd Sire
GFS Creole 9590 ET *x
AI Sire
MSD Ruby C 3732 x
May 27, 2013
MSD Ruby P 732 x - 6 Mo
MSD Pete daughter