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Kay (724) 573-9043

Premium Steaks:

Petite Tender, Tri Tip, Filet Mignon $19.00

Specialty Steaks:

Hangar, Skirt, Flank $17.75

Choice Steaks:

Porterhouse, T-Bone, Delmonico, NY Strip $16.00


Ranch, Flat-Iron, Sirloin $13.50

London Broil $16.50


Sirloin Tip, Rump, Chuck, Brisket $16.50

Ox Tail $12.75

Tongue, Heart $10.25

Short Ribs $10.50

Prepared/Ready to Serve:

Pulled Beef Bar-B-Q, Sloppy Joe, Chili (2 lbs) $10.00

Other Cuts:

Beef Tips (1 lb) $8.00

Philly Chip Steaks (1 lb) $8.00

For the Grill: 

Ground Beef Patties ( 4 – 6oz patties) $9.25

Ground Beef (1 lb) $6.25

Grillers- Hot Dogs, Sausages, Kielbasa, Bratwurst (1 lb) $7.75

Liver (1 lb) $4.50

Beef Sticks (4 oz) $4.25

Soup Bones/Dog Bones $5.00

Package Deals

Family Pack 45 lb Steaks, Roasts & Ground Beef $400.00

Cash or check accepted: Please make checks payable to McElhaney Family Farm.

All cuts are subject to availability and sold by the piece.


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Current Price List

Current Prices 1-1-2020

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