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Premium Aged Beef

Come and enjoy an exciting new beef product unmatched in quality, flavor and consistency. After nearly a century of raising cattle, the proud cattlemen at McElhaney Stock Farm are offering the public a chance to enjoy their Premium Aged Beef products. The most discriminating quality control program, paired with traditional aging techniques, allows our Premium Aged Beef products to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Not Your Ordinary Steak

The first step we take to ensure a quality beef product is feeding our cattle a green diet of grass, hay, haylage and green corn silage. We ad starch -( Roasted Barley and Oats) that comprises about 40% of their diet for 60 days ahead of harvest, with the remaining 60% being the same green diet.

Our cattle are not given any added hormones. All of this greatly affects the final grade and flavor of our beef.

Dry Aging Process

The next step in producing the highest quality beef is the dry-aging process, known for years to be the key to a delightfully tender and flavorful beef product. Our beef is dry aged by a family owned/operated USDA inspected facility. They take the time and care to properly process and dry age our beef product to attain the full extent of its flavor. Dry aging is not frequently used by larger packing plants.

From Our Home To Yours

The final steps include vacuum packing and quick freezing the meat. Normal freezing causes large ice crystals to form, which ruptures meat fibers. Smaller ice crystals formed by quick freezing causes less juice to be lost when the meat is thawed. Because our beef is quick frozen, you can enjoy juicy meat for up to 12 months after purchase. Thank you for choosing McElhaney Family Farm Premium Aged Beef.


Pennsylvania Beef Quality Assurance Program

The beef operation at McElhaney Family Farm is a member of the Pennsylvania Beef Quality Assurance Program, which makes certain that the beef cattle are maintained in a manner that will result in a safe and wholesome beef product. This program is monitored and supported by the Pennsylvania Beef Council, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, the Pennsylvania Cattlemen's Association and Penn State University. To the consumer, this means the final product is safe and unmatched in quality and assures a delightful eating experience.

PA Preferred

McElhaney Family Farm is proud to be a member of the PA Preferred Program.  Not ony is agriculture Pennsylvania's leading industry, but our state's products have earned a worldwide reputation for quality.  PA Preferred is a program designed to identify these locally sourced Pennsylvania products and help you find your way to them. 

Local Buying Benefits All

  • You've chosen food grown and processed to meet the world's highest quality and safety standards
  • You've personally helped to keep farmers and food processing jobs in Pennsylvania
  • You've received nursery products taht are grown to thrive in Pennsylvania soil and weather conditions
  • You've selected hardwood lumber, furniture and flooring that is among the finest quality in the world

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